How to Use VLC Media Player

Maybe you’re looking for the media player that can play in any format. Yes you can, you can play in any format.  VLC media Player is probably your answer.

What does VLC stands for? It means Video LAN (Local Area Network) Client. VLC media player is the most successful free open source multimedia player out there with over 500 million downloads according to the developers. In particular, VLC media player is a great alternative to Windows Media PlayeriTunes, and RealPlayer. It’s lightweight, fast, easy to use and most importantly, plays almost anything.

My personal favorites among the features are skin changing, convert files; it plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. The best thing about it? It’s FREE! Yes! So what are you waiting for? Read my tutorial and find out how easy it is to download and use VLC.

But wait there’s more! I will give a bonus. I will include teach you how to change your VLC Media Player skin. Have Fun!

Here is some tutorials:


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