How to Use Hootsuite


You want to manage you multiple account in multiple social networking site, with a neat and user friendly. Now you can send your article or other post into different account using the Hootsuite.

What is Hootsuite?

HootSuite is a web-based social media management tool.  It is so user-friendly. It allows you to manage Social Media profile such as Twitter facebook, WordPress, and more all in one clean and organize dashboard, I get to view all my home, sent, mentions, search and list feeds quick and easy. They are all arranged neatly in columns of streams in my HootSuite dashboard.


6 Benefits of using Hootsuite

Simpler to handle multiple accounts.

The HootSuite display lets you put Twitter accounts in individual tabs with highly customizable columns, which minimizes the requirement for horizontal scrolling and lets you scan information relevantfor the particular account, including keyword tracking, direct messages, and Groups.

Easier to manage groups.

Creating groups, picking new members, and removing members, take almost no time. The method of choosing group members in TweetDeck involves scrolling through your whole list of followers, unless that’s been changed in recent updates.

Much more flexible layout.

I already mentioned tabs: you can set up as many as you want. Tabs can represent a Twitter profile, a particular keyword search, a particular group or groups  virtually whatever you would like it to be. The amount and width of columns in any given tab may be customized, whichas well as decreasing horizontal scrolling, allows you to arrange columns in a very rational sequence for the information you are tracking.

HootSuite is internet based.

The TweetDeck client chews up a great deal of processing time on the hard drive. HootSuite is web based, so that it won’t affect the performance and speed of the computer

HootSuite offers statistics.

Here is the key feature for knowing when and the way to tweet for optimum impact. Any links which are shortened within HootSuite using their native service may then be tracked inside the program’s dashboard.  It records the amount of clicks as a whole, or for virtually any particular post in a given period. Anyone attempting to prevent wasting time and effort on items of little interest to followers will discover this invaluable.

The capability to schedule tweets.

I prefer to check on my feed reader once each morning, therefore it doesn’t distract me through the remainder of my day. Usually I find a number of articles worth passing along on Twitter, but wouldn’t like to send them out three or four at the same time. With HootSuite I can schedule the first to post at lunch, the second in the late afternoon and the third in the evening. If I find one part of the day results in more clicks I will adjust, sending future tweets at half-hour intervals throughout the day at the best time period.

Here is some tutorials


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