How to Use Basecamp

What are the things that you consider if you want to find an application for your project? Well this kind of application can really help you.

Basecamp is the online software that makes project management and collaboration easy. It is the world’s most popular web app for storing, coordinating, and managing your company’s projects, tasks, discussions, and decisions.

When you keep everything together in Basecamp, everyone stays up to date, everyone knows where everything is, and nothing ever gets lost.

This is the top 3 things why you’ll love Basecamp

1.  Basecamp’s unique design keeps a whole project on one page.

a. Basecamp single- page project keep everything together.

With an entire project on one page, nothing gets lost and your team always knows where things are.

–       Every project has a place for a name and description.

–       Discussion, decision and feedback are centralized

–       Everything that need to be done is kept in one place

–       Secure repository for every important file and images

–       Every draft, idea and concept is saved on basecamp

B. Basecamp keeps all your project, data and people in one place.

No matter how many project you have, or how many people you have working on them, they keep everything organized.

– All your project stored safely in one place online.

– Your team, clients, contractors and vendors together, at last.

– People are everywhere, but discussion happen here.

– Keep your files on Basecamp so everyone knows where to find them

– See everyone’s schedule on one beautiful calendar.

2. Basecamp emails you a progress report every morning at 7.

a. The Daily Recap progress report hits your inbox at 7 am sharp

Start everyday off right by reviewing everything that happen yesterday right from you inbox.

– Brief you first thing in the morning

– Even gets update on the go

b. Easily stay on top of your project or catch up if you’ve been away.

Follow along in real-time as it happens or review later to see what you missed. Either way, Basecamp has you covered.

– Watch daily progress happens in real-time

– See the progress you’ve made day by day.

– Know when you have something to do.

– Everything in Basecamp is date stamped and signed

3. Basecamp keeps your team up to date in real-time.

a. Know exactly what’s happening in your project right now.

A visual timeline of project activity gives you surprisingly deep insight into who’s working on what and what’s getting done.

–       Updates live in real-time

–       By the minutes updates

–       See each day’s progress

b. With Basecamp, your team will always know what’s on their plate

Basecamp makes it super easy to instantly see what you and anyone else is responsible for completing.

– Your team, clients, contractors and vendors together at last.

– A page per person.

– Easily assign and delegates tasks to your team.

And there are more reasons  why you want to used Basecamp.

Here is some tutorials for Basecamp


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