How to Use Tweetdeck

Are you looking for managing your multiple account in twitter? Here is the one tool that can use to manage a multiple account. Handling or managing multiple social networking account or profiles is…

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How to Use Tweetdeck

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Are you looking for managing your multiple account in twitter?

Here is the one tool that can use to manage a multiple account.

Handling or managing multiple social networking account or profiles is not easy  when you’ve got a lot of them and you need to update from time to time.


Compare to Hootsuite, Tweetdeck is also one of the most popular social media management tools on the web that can people and business use to manage social web presence.

About TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a web tool that helps you manage and post to your social networking profiles or pages.

Before TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter, it could work with a few more social networking sites than it does now. At this point, you can only manage your Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles/pages with TweetDeck.

TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that organizes and displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

You can actually access it via the web (in your Internet browser) or you can download the desktop application for Windows or Mac.

By adding columns for tweets, @mentions, direction messages and more, you can easily watch tweets from people you follow in real time and easily interact with followers. It saves you time and energy from needing to sign in separately to each account and post everything separately.

Why Use TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is ideal for both individuals and businesses that need better organization of their social profiles and need to manage multiple accounts. It’s a simple, straightforward tool for social media power users.


Here is some tutorials:



How to Use Windows Live Movie Maker


Do you have a problem making you video more lively? Do you want to create and edit your files as Live Movie?   You can now use this kind of software:    The Windows Live Movie Maker


What is Windows Live Movie Maker?


Windows Live Movie Maker is essentially a simple, easy-to-use  video editing software program  that can helps you put together the photos, videos, music and special effects to create an eye-catching presentation in a few easy steps And this program is available as a free download and is intended to replace windows Movie Maker

You can Import and Edit the slide shows and video you want to use, select the background music and add some titles and end credit if you want. You can also put soundtrack, add a theme and share your movie online.

The program displays extra buttons on the title bar that gives you access to configuration settings for video, music and text respectively. As regards effects, you also have plenty to choose from: transition effects, animations, zoom and pan, and also visual effects that will spice up your images.

When your video is finished, you can save it in different formats and sizes, depending on where you plan to use it on: computer, high-definition TV screen, mobile device, instant messaging client, etc. Windows Live Movie Maker also includes the option to upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook, SkyDrive and Flickr. The only drawback is that Windows Live Movie Maker saves videos to one single format: WMV.

With Windows Live Movie Maker you’ll be able to create nice compositions with your favourite photos and videos, and share them with anyone.Want to learn how to use Windows Live Movie Maker?
Here’s a tutorial for you.

How to Use VLC Media Player

Maybe you’re looking for the media player that can play in any format. Yes you can, you can play in any format.  VLC media Player is probably your answer.

What does VLC stands for? It means Video LAN (Local Area Network) Client. VLC media player is the most successful free open source multimedia player out there with over 500 million downloads according to the developers. In particular, VLC media player is a great alternative to Windows Media Player, iTunes, and RealPlayer. It’s lightweight, fast, easy to use and most importantly, plays almost anything.

My personal favorites among the features are skin changing, convert files; it plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. The best thing about it? It’s FREE! Yes! So what are you waiting for? Read my tutorial and find out how easy it is to download and use VLC.

But wait there’s more! I will give a bonus. I will include teach you how to change your VLC Media Player skin. Have Fun!

Here is some tutorials:

How to Use Ustream

Have you always dreamed of speaking to the world but don’t have the training or experience to become a professional broadcaster?

Do you feel you’re destined to be watched and adored by millions of people?

Well, if you have a webcam and an Internet connection, will allow you to start living your dreams.


Ustream is a website that allows members to broadcast live streaming video on the Internet. 

Ustream members can also record and save videos for future broadcast distribution. Members can broadcast directly from the Ustream website or from a mobile device using Ustream’s mobile broadcasting application (available for Android and iPhone).

Ustream’s video platform is known for its ability to provide viewers with different ways to interact with the presenter during a live broadcast, providing broadcasters with chat and instant polling features, as well as allowing integration with Twitter and Facebook news feeds.

Ustream was initially conceived as a way to connect soldiers overseas with their families back home. Founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable, together with partner Gyula Feher, felt that a product like Ustream would provide soldiers with a way to talk to all of their relatives simultaneously during their limited free time in the war zone.

Ustream attracts more than 50 million unique monthly users, making it the world’s largest live streaming platform. The top industries taking advantage of Ustream’s live streaming are politics, entertainment and technology fields. Ustream’s searching feature allows visitors to filter through video categories such as sports, entertainment, news, animals, music, technology, games and education. Members can elect to be notified by email about future live videos on topics of interest.

Here is some tutorial.