About the Author

Ma. Virginia

Welcome to my first blogs as Virtual Assistant.

Hi there! I’m Ma. Virginia Bilo, a housewife with a beautiful daughter, I choose to stay at home mom and find some interesting things in the Internet. Previously I work as Administrative Assistant and Documentation Head. As my friend mention and introduce me about the working at home mom. I’m curious about that things and I wonder how does its work.


Then I try to search those things. Read the article and some information about working mom. Then I come to the point that I want a seminar. Then she introduce me Mr. Jomar Hilario and she said if you want to learn more you can invest first the time and money.


Before deciding to attend this kind of seminar. I have lots of things to consider if I want this kind of work or should I focus to my family. I have option to go back to my previous employment. But then I realized that if I try this online job maybe I can have also time for my family. So we try to attend the VA Seminar workshop as a couple held Last February 2012 by Mr. Jomar Hilario. I learn a lot of things. I never thought of working on-line but because I need to work at home to be there when my baby needs me, I had to find ways to work and be with her. I avail online training, read every book I could, spend practically the whole day in front of my computer, learning and reading everything I could in the Internet, and risking my finances just to invest in the best education I could get.


This is my adventure of becoming a virtual assistant. Learning new things is the most adventurous and exciting part “if you are serious in what you want to do, you have to do what needs to be done”.


Try to explore my blog as my starting point in becoming a virtual assistant and my desire to earn a living while embracing the entire idea of working-at-home mom.


You’ll find tutorials of different kind of tools, program and website on the Internet. Hope this could help and inspire you in making your own blogs. Have a wonderful adventure on your working-at- home mom.



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